My personal projects and business are moving on to new management!

Hello boys and girls!  Just a little post to put down some rumors and stories regarding some of the web properties I founded or owned that have been acquired by new companies or individuals.  With Manwin taking up my online passions, I don’t really have the time to run much of a web presence outside of work hours, so I’ve been looking for qualified people to take over my various sites and keep them moving in to the future.  A couple of months ago, was acquired by a local Montreal based company that promises big things on the site and the migration is now over and I play no roles on there anymore.

With gone, it was still obvious I had no time for my hobby based sites, so those had to go as well… I started with, which is now managed and owned by Art Andrews and his company.  They also run The Replica Prop Forum (RPF) and Dented Helmet so I know he will do a kick ass job with the Lair.  They took over a couple of weeks ago but I am stillactive on the site and will be deploying the latest IPB updates before I start fading in to the background.

The final project is my beloved, which is going to a very enthusiastic fellow Predator collector named Richard.  The migration has already begun to his server and I’ll be working with him on operating the site over the coming weeks.  He’s VERY stoked about running Predatorstuff and again, I know he’ll do a great job with fresh energy and has the time the site deserves dedicated to it.

So this leaves me with the two sites I will be keeping… my personal blog site and the new hosting company I started at the beginning of the year and I have zero intentions or parting with it.  In fact with the other sites leaving my business portfolio, I will have more time to work on the hosting, which I plan on working on with Adam and rebranding it so it’s not attached to the P2L brand.  So if you’re thinking about hosting, we’re not going anywhere!  You can check out the site and sign up for hosting by clicking HERE!

It should also note that included with the sites I’ve sold were all the twitter and facebook accounts that were associated to them.  So if you want to follow me, you can find my personal twitter account here: @THEdanrichard

That’s it guys.. looking forward to being off NDA next month, then I can share which site I am managing now!


How to use the other black ink cartridge when one is empty on your Canon Pixma MX850 Printer!

My Canon Pixma MX850 printer is one of the Canon series that uses the 4 small CLI-8 color cartridges (black, yellow, blue and magenta) and then has the large PGI-5 black cartridge, which is what the printer uses when printing regular black and white text. The smaller CLI-8 black cartridge is only used for printing photos and colored documents that require black coloration… now, in the world that us simple folk live in, you would think that if one black runs out, it would use the other black as a backup, right? Not so my friends, the Canon doesn’t use that kind of logic and there’s no way to bypass it within the printer’s menu. BUT FEAR NOT! With a couple of clicks, you can trick the printer in to using the other cartridge.

First off, this applies to when your large black cartridge is empty… the one used for printing standard black and white documents. So if you’re printing out your thesis at 4AM when everything is closed and run out of ink mid-way through, this will save your ink-starved derriere! Here’s how to force the printer to use the smaller ink cartridge:

  1. Click on print to get the print options window in whatever program you’re using… This is the window where you normally select the printer you want to use, how many copies etc.
  2. Within that window, you should see a link, button or icon that allows you to adjust the printer settings, such as paper, paper source, ink use etc.
  3. Switch the paper type from regular paper to “high resolution paper”.
  4. Click OK and close the settings window.
  5. Print your document.
  6. Post a comment on this post telling me if it worked.
  7. Mail me your underwear a check.


Hope that helps someone out there!  It saved my ass last weekend when I had to print tickets with barcodes 20 minutes before leaving for the St. Sauveur Aquapark!