How to Get Rid of Cinavia Protection on a PS3 – Or at Least Bypass it!

How to Get Rid of Cinavia Protection on a PS3 – Or at Least Bypass it!

A few updates ago, Sony included Cinavia protection on their Sony Playstation 3 and it’s been a love-hate relationship ever since.  While you can find hundreds of posts about how to get rid of Cinavia protection from your Playstation 3 by patching it to an older update, or there’s some kind of sketchy software plugin I found that seemed to be a complete scam, I’ve only found one way to quickly get rid of it temporarily.

Just change the date on your PS3.  That easy,

When you are watching a movie and the sound cuts out and you get the Cinavia warning, simply pause the movie (X) and back out to the main menu (O) and then slide over to settings > date and time and advance the year by one.  Then go back to movies > media server > movie folder and play your movie.  It will start back off where you paused it and the sound will be re-enabled until the next watermark.  Do bear in mind this is only temporary and you will have to do this every time the Ps3 hits a Cinavia watermark, which seems to be about 4 or 5 times per movie.  It’s annoying, but hey at least you can finish your movie!


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  1. Thanks. I was just setting it to one day and one hour in the future, which seems to do the trick. But one year forward seems simpler. It is still annoying, but hey, at least I can watch it on the big screen. Also, if other find this page, there is apparently a “PS3 Cinavia Fix” out there, but it is a scam. There is no software. All it is, is a bunch of guides telling you to use other software to try and get rid of it. Not worth it imo.

    1. Sure thing, i finally formatted my hard drive to Fat32, using a software and then – Cinavia Code 3 pops up !!!!
      Im going to try forwarding the date a year up.

      Thanks 🙂

      1. What i do is download and if it cinivia pops up on movie ,i delete download another ,only some have on the file movies,,i dont hardly see it or have it happen every now and then,,but usaully only certain movies or new movies,,i download movies and put them on external hdd to play on ps3.and out of 100 movies only about three had cinivia ,,so not a prob really anymore,,i believe it to be the movies owned or put out by sony

    2. hi there dont know if you have sorted this but my samsung player has a back door all you do is change you audio out options to digital and like i said my samsung has a built in decoder turn that on and test mine works 100%

  2. Any other bypass techniques? Ive also tried the changing sound setting from HDMI etc and that didn’t work. Please lemme know if anyone stumbles upon a fix. Thanks

  3. I wish I never updated my PS3 a few months ago. I never use it to play games anymore, so in retrospect, there was no point in the upgrade for me. Now my PS3 isn’t even a good media server. It’s totally useless.

  4. This is such a b1tch move by MPAA and AASC industry moderators.
    I guarantee if it were known on the update “You acknowledge that taking this update will completely remove the sole purpose of having a media server” nobody would have taken it.

    What do the studios and Sony actually think “media servers” are for? Watching home movies?

    I don’t want to d1ck around with a bunch of discs. I BUY my movies. I have tons of Blu-Ray and dvds.
    It’s so much better to just store those for safe keeping, dump them all to a 4TB drive and host it on a pc in my house. Then I don’t have to go looking for my movie (which my kids misplace them constantly. Star Wars in the Back to the Future case, etc) Instead I just turn on my PS3 and choose what I want from a huge list of MY PAID COLLETION of movies…

    What really pisses me off is that I am not doing anything illegal as long as I own it!!!! Read the shrink wrap licensing agreement on these things. Archival purposes. What pukes.

    I hope that this makes what was probably not too big a deal for the industry giants into something that cripples them and their outrageous profits….

    The legitimate user has been pushed way too far and we’ve always been subject to test beds and market flops that empty our pockets. WE keep this industry going and basically if I can’t enjoy what they sell me and I can’t trust “here’s a neat feature” to be an actual working feature, I will stop buying.

    You guys are threatening your revenue pipeline with this stupidity. KEEP IT UP!

    Ultra Violet was bad enough… now this????

    Go fuk yourselves greedy bastard$

  5. Thank you for posting this. I thought I was going to have to go dig through boxes of dvd’s to watch what I wanted to watch tonight.

  6. You idiots! The simplest way to do it just turn your Wifi off! Simplez!!! Owww

    No need to do all this advancing time forward C**P!!!

      1. Wifi has nothing to do with it. I’m playing a movie put on my drive and my PS3 is not connected to any kind of internet and I’m still getting the message. Nothing has worked so far to take it off either.

      2. Exactly !! Even with my Internet off I still need the router because I have to to streaming movies from my desktop and it’s even dose it on a legit DVD this message 3 pops up any help thank you

  7. 1. copy a mkv to ps3 (it takes some time to convert) then turn off network in ps3
    2. after mute notification pops up change day +1 (you don’t have to change year)

  8. I found it easy just to use a regular dvd player ,not a blu ray ,just a regular one ,then just put in the red white and yellow plugs in the back of your tv … simple and quick and you dont have to worry about your movie stopping all the time.

  9. I found the best way to bypass… Msg 1….. You simply just fast foward it at speeds of 1.5 its a little fast but it won’t stop at all..

  10. Ive got a problem , this time is not a mute by cinavia , but i cant watch the movie at all , last night i trued to watch Foxcatcher with my ps3 , it works fine for like 3-5 mins of thr movie , and then suddenly it turns blank and theres a message that said “Cannot playback on this device , playback is protected by cinavia for more information visit blablala” i tried change the date like i use to do when cinavia mute shit came out , but this time it wont work , any suggest , sorry for my bad english

  11. I changed my year to two years ahead and its working perfectly! Its not stoping at all! Awesome trick. Thanks alot for this!

  12. To dan.
    So which way works best for ps3 I’m using bubble upnp pro media server from Android phone copying bdrip media files some play ok but seems like the ones you really want to watch has message 3, any advice?
    Thanks art

    1. All you have to do is pause your movie, back out to the home menu of the PS3 , go to settings, go to date and time, and change the year ahead one year and that will fix the problem …….it has for me. Good luck bro

  13. you can try to reformat your movie to divx format and see if that works roxio has that software bout to try it myself tired of changing the date all the time

  14. I have been watching from my usb for the last 12 months on the same blue ray player as i do now. I have not updated my player and yet all of a sudden i started getting this stupid message.. like wtf

  15. The PS3/PS4 is revealing to be a horrible media player. I mean why the f*** do I have to be signed in to PSN in order to use apps like YouTube or Plex? Plex I could use on my local network, no need to have an internet connection. But no, they thought it would be better to be signed in to their crap PSN and the thing doesn’t work 99% of the time. WTF???

    Time to get an Apple TV

    1. Is that your only complaint?? Christ it’s not like you’re unable to watch something..
      Anyway, Ps4 is the best for me.. Ps3 it’s horrible for the Cinavia cr@p..
      And while you need to be signed into psn on the ps4, you can still choose to “appear offline” but it’s unbearable on the ps3 if you don’t wanna be interrupted by notifications or whatever..
      Enjoy your cr@pple tv lol..
      Cr@pple, greediest bunch of “up-their-own-ass” douchebags around..

  16. Jumping up the date a year worked for the USB I was having issues playing saved movies from. Who would’ve guessed something so simple to get around this…

  17. This is ridiculous!!! How the hell did you know to do that? It worked like magic, although having to do that every 20mins was a chore. Seriously, what made you think of the date setting?

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