Your Lack of Privacy on the Internet – Do you know who’s watching you?

Your Lack of Privacy on the Internet – Do you know who’s watching you?

Here’s an interesting infograph I found on the web, and you really have to wonder… have you been thinking about pulling back online and protecting your privacy? Are you truly aware of what can be found online about you personally?  It’s amazing what you can find out about someone via simple search engines.  Check it out:

5 thoughts on “Your Lack of Privacy on the Internet – Do you know who’s watching you?

  1. That is insane! I mean, I’ve realized that privacy has become more and more of an issue, but I didn’t realize that it was practically out of our hands!

    On a side note, I know you had dropped a while back – I’m not sure who you had passed it on to. I was wondering if you had any contact with the current domain owner. Do you know if they will be bringing it back? I know as of mid of last year you had to login to view anything on the site, so I was thinking they were working on continuing to redevelop the site and bring it back.

  2. Hi Trevor,

    Actually, I was never the owner of (that I can remember lol!), I think it may have been owned by one of our mods or programmers awhile back. Sorry I can’t help you more than that 🙁

  3. Boy do I have a story to tell about “who is watching you on the internet”!!!! Short version – Just got back from being part of the Support Audience in FEDERAL COURT, for a nephew of a friend. Let me just say first – My stance on internet porn is conservative. I mean not good idea and disgusting as far as I am concerned. Brings out the weirdo’s (too be kind)…. ESPECIALLY Child stuff, but this guy put some website stuff on a share file. Supposedly the feds started watching him due to the volume of files. This guy was going through some bad stuff – dad died, sister committed suicide, lost job, moved in with mother (late 20’s guy). By all appearances to my exposure of him, seemed like a really good guy. Started drinking heavily. Stayed up on these “general” porn sites… put on share file. Some sites included the child stuff… it was even stated in court that the sites were not specifically child…. anyhow he got the MINIMUM sentence for Child ___ distribution!!! They even testified that he had NO email or texting to others, no contact what so ever with anyone. He had put some of the sites on share file…. HE WAS SENTENCED TO 15 years in fed prison! I was there – in court – I heard the details…. this is true. I swear. If I hadn’t heard it with my own ears I would NEVER have believed it. Even the judge basically apologized for the SEVERITY of the sentence, but stated she had no power to lesson the sentence!!! Tell me what you think, but not on my Word Press site please…..

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