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Problem with WP-Stats-Dashboard Plugin “wp-content/plugins/wp-stats-dashboard/view/admin/graph.php” solved!

Problem with WP-Stats-Dashboard Plugin “wp-content/plugins/wp-stats-dashboard/view/admin/graph.php” solved!

If you’re looking for a pretty slick WordPress stats package, you have to check out WP-Stats-Dashboard and the awesome functionality this brings to your admin dashboard.  As I toy around with this package, I am having a few issues I am slowly working on as I continue to re-import my tutorials back in to the site and look for missing images and errors.  One of the very first issues I had was when the package was first installed and instead of getting my trending graph reports, I would get one of the following two lines of text instead of a graph:

  1. ../wp-content/plugins/wp-stats-dashboard/view/admin/graph_trend.php
  2. ../wp-content/plugins/wp-stats-dashboard/view/admin/graph.php

I fiddled around with this for about 30 minutes, deleted and re-installed the plugin and tried a few other things to no avail… I ended up throwing my hands in the air in disgust and moved on to other things instead of wasting more time.  Well, turns out that was the right decision as it looks like this is an issue many folks are seeing when they first install the plugin.  How do you fix it?  Wait!  Yep, just wait for the graph to cache and it will start working all on its own… I came back to the WordPress dashboard a couple of hours later and VOILA, it started working.

So with that solved, I only have a couple of other issues:

  1. The WP-Stats-Dashboard iOS app looks awesome, but apparently Apple Store Canada does not carry the app… what the hell is that all about!?  I know there is a long tedious way to bypass this issue, but I’m too lazy to mess with it.  I’ve contacted Dave, the owner of WPSD so hopefully he can look in to this and start going international!
  2. When I go to the main WPSD stats dashboard, there is a box with all your social media metrics labeled “Stats – Social Media Metrics”.  When I click the reload button, it generates the following error: “Warning:  number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in ../wp-content/plugins/wp-stats-dashboard/classes/util/metrics/WPSDTechnoratiRank.php on line 59″. Now I have my WPSD set not to track Technorati so I have no idea why it is calling this page and why it’s generating an error.  I fiddled around with this as well and couldn’t find a solution.
  3. I’m also having a bit of an issue getting my social stats to track properly beyond Twitter and Facebook (Stumble, LinkedIn and G+ refuse to track) but I haven’t had a chance to mess with any of this yet.  I’m wondering if you need a paid account with LinkedIn for it to work.

Anyhow, hope this helps relax your nerves if you’re dealing with the graph.php issue and if you know the reason why my other 3 issues are happening, please feel free to chime in.


My personal projects and business are moving on to new management!

My personal projects and business are moving on to new management!

Hello boys and girls!  Just a little post to put down some rumors and stories regarding some of the web properties I founded or owned that have been acquired by new companies or individuals.  With Manwin taking up my online passions, I don’t really have the time to run much of a web presence outside of work hours, so I’ve been looking for qualified people to take over my various sites and keep them moving in to the future.  A couple of months ago, was acquired by a local Montreal based company that promises big things on the site and the migration is now over and I play no roles on there anymore.

With gone, it was still obvious I had no time for my hobby based sites, so those had to go as well… I started with, which is now managed and owned by Art Andrews and his company.  They also run The Replica Prop Forum (RPF) and Dented Helmet so I know he will do a kick ass job with the Lair.  They took over a couple of weeks ago but I am stillactive on the site and will be deploying the latest IPB updates before I start fading in to the background.

The final project is my beloved, which is going to a very enthusiastic fellow Predator collector named Richard.  The migration has already begun to his server and I’ll be working with him on operating the site over the coming weeks.  He’s VERY stoked about running Predatorstuff and again, I know he’ll do a great job with fresh energy and has the time the site deserves dedicated to it.

So this leaves me with the two sites I will be keeping… my personal blog site and the new hosting company I started at the beginning of the year and I have zero intentions or parting with it.  In fact with the other sites leaving my business portfolio, I will have more time to work on the hosting, which I plan on working on with Adam and rebranding it so it’s not attached to the P2L brand.  So if you’re thinking about hosting, we’re not going anywhere!  You can check out the site and sign up for hosting by clicking HERE!

It should also note that included with the sites I’ve sold were all the twitter and facebook accounts that were associated to them.  So if you want to follow me, you can find my personal twitter account here: @THEdanrichard

That’s it guys.. looking forward to being off NDA next month, then I can share which site I am managing now!


Unable to pair your Motorola S9 or S9HD Headset with your iPhone? Separate them!

Unable to pair your Motorola S9 or S9HD Headset with your iPhone? Separate them!

Hey guys… just a quick little tip for anything who is having a bitch of a time pairing their Motorola S9 bluetooth headset to their iPhone. I recently dove in to the world of Mac with an iPhone 4G and was having a horrible time at getting my headset to pair, yet pairs with my Android phone in 2 seconds with zero issues. I dug all over the web for solutions and didn’t really get anywhere until I tried something so stupid that I couldn’t believe it worked. I powered on the headset and placed in across the room and it paired within seconds! *shakes head* So apparently the unit won’t pair with the iPhone if both are sitting on your dining room table, but works fine when they’re in separate rooms, go figure.

Oh and this was only necessary for the initial pairing. Once paired for the first time, the S9 connects right away when I power it on and they’re next to each other.

By the way, I can’t believe how you Mac fans are so rabid about the iPhone, it’s quite honestly the most horribly conceived smartphone I have ever used in terms of usability. Even after unlocking it, jailbreaking it and loading all kinds of apps to regain some basic usefulness, my Nexus One was still more functional straight out of the retail box. I still can’t believe you guys are forced to use that ridiculous iTunes for music management, what a HUGE piece of crap that application is.

Anyhow, I’m sure I’ll get used to the iPhone once I’ve hacked it to normalcy, but good lord do I feel bad for someone who’s not very tech savvy and gets saddled with this phone. Nick is promising good things with iOS 5, but until they allow me to connect the phone via USB and it opens with explorer like a normal external drive to move around photos and music (even a FREE basic noname brand phone does this) this will never be as good as an Android or Windows based phone.

I will say the iPhone is fast… the buttons respond very quickly and the screen is gorgeous with smooth transitions on the menus and apps. But the lack of support for so many common features that every other smart phone has is infuriating. No widgets, no writable drive via USB, too many paid apps vs Android marketplace, no free google maps GPS, can’t place icons where you want on the springboard… when you drag them to move them around, they always sort to the top left. You need a third party app for free placement and can only get that app after jailbreaking the phone.

The list goes on and on, but that’s for another post I think… for now, I hope this helps S9 users get paired up with their iPhones!


Pixel2life Hosting is now LIVE! Let your site be part of the P2L Network!

Pixel2life Hosting is now LIVE! Let your site be part of the P2L Network!

Good morning everyone! It is my extreme pleasure and pride to announce that after years of requests from the P2L community, we have finally launched professional hosting services backed by the same people that keep the Pixel2life Studios network up and running for the last 7 years. I would like to introduce you to!

For the last 3 years or so, folks have been asking us and telling us that we should definitely look in to website hosting as a means of revenue to help fund this site and out other projects. In all honesty, I was against this venture from the start, my knee-jerk response being “are you out of your mind?!”. My biggest concern was customer service. I didn’t want to start a hosting company and build up a client list that I couldn’t maintain or keep up with, then destroy my reputations as well as the reputation of the P2L organization. All too many companies start with the best of intentions, but crash and burn when the reality is that trouble does tend to happen at 3AM, not when you’re bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 1PM.

So how did we resolve this? P2L has partnered with a professional server management company in order to provide you with 24 hour, 365 days a year technical support with full response time guarantees and unparalleled service to all of our clients. Our datacenter is located in the Infomart telecom hotel, a private, Tier III, N+1 facility near downtown Dallas and has a capacity for over 40,000 servers!


P2L Hosting is offering 4 hosting packages suitable for new webmasters to seasoned veterans that need some serious resources to keep their sites running at optimum levels. With our Light, Medium, Heavy and Heavy Plus plans, we can accommodate any sized website. All accounts include cPanel management and Heavy/Heavy Plus include FREE domain registration for the life of your account! You can check out all our plans at


Need some serious dedicated horsepower? We also offer dedicated servers on a case-by-case basis. Our dedicated server plans are customized to each client and are not sold directly from our site interface. We will work with you to choose the appropriate hardware based on your needs (We offer dozens of hardware configurations in Opteron and Xeon flavors with single, dual and quad core processors) and decide on the management requirements of your machine.


P2L Hosting is also proud to offer server management and CMS upgrade management services. If you own or plan to own a dedicated server running WHM/cPanel but you’re not sure how to secure it, optimize it, maintain it and/or what to do if you run in to technical problems, we can help! Whether you purchase your server with us or not, we can provide you monthly server management for what most sysadmins would charge for an hour of labor!

Can’t stand keeping track of and installing updates to your CMS software? Forums, Blogs and website CMS software all require updates to remain secure and optimized and sometimes this can be confusing, frustrating or simply ignored until you run in to serious problems. For pennies a day, you can have P2L keep track of your software and we’ll update it as soon as updates and patches are released!

Check out all the details on our services at

P2L Hosting also includes a fully automated client portal, allowing our clients to submit support tickets, view our knowledge database, upgrade accounts and view your billing options and much more! We will also be introducing new incentives for our hosting customers, such as free premium P2L accounts, swag and prizes and surprise free month’s worth of service at random! And because P2L is a community oriented network, you’ll find updates and news about our hosting offers and contests throughout our social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and here on our forums.

Join the P2L network and host your website with for safe, secure and fast service and see the difference solid customer service can make.


P2L – Credit Lottery officially launched on P2L

P2L – Credit Lottery officially launched on P2L

Hey all!  Adam was able to polish off the P2L Credit lottery feature on the site and it's officially live as of this week (or last week if you caught the early announcement on Twitter).

Here's the announcement:

Do I feel lucky? Well? Do ya punk? If you do, then you'll be pleased to know you can get the betting urges out of your system by bidding precious credits in the P2L credit lottery, reset weekly for your gambling pleasure. In case you have no idea what the heck P2L Credits are and you've been completely ignoring my posts for the last year or so, P2L Credits are earned by members that perform specific actions within the community, such as submitting tutorials, writing tutorials in our publishing area, commenting, voting and much more. Members can then cash in credits for prizes, advertising or other extra contests we hold on the site.

To add a little excitement to the P2L Credit format, you can now bet credits on a weekly credit lottery, with the total pot going to a single winner, randomly selected every Monday at 12AM. Once the lottery is over and the credits have been awarded to a lucky contestant, the pot is reset and a new name is drawn the following week.

Aaaaand to make things a little more exciting, admins can't win BUT we can bet credits to build up the pots a bit. So you might want to keep your eye on the pot total because you never know when a huge chunk of credits will be thrown in there by an admin (me).

So, how do you get the ball rolling on your new-found gambling addiction? Head over to P2L Credit Corner at and you'll see the Credit Lottery box just under the Credit Corner menu on the left side of the site. Click on the "Bid Now" button to bid some credits and get in on the action!

Enjoy and good luck to anyone that participates!

ps. A HUGE shoutout to our P2L developper Adam who was able to complete this module for us. Stay tuned, I think Adam will have more goodies for us in the none-too-distant future!

So good luck guys and enjoy!  More coming soon, including the Marketplace if Nick decides to finish it off! lol!
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