Complete Tutorial List

Complete Tutorial List

Here is a complete list of my tutorials I’ve written over the years on a variety of subjects.  Some are quite old, but most are still relevant even to this day.  Have a look and please don’t be afraid to comment on any of my articles or request new ones.  I try to write as much as I can, but do be patient as my response times are not always spectacular.

Adobe Flash

How to create a diagonal opening blinds transition effect for images in Flash
Learn how to create a cool transition effect that looks like a set of blinds opening to reveal a picture hidden behind!

Corel PhotoPaint

3D Text in Corel Photopaint – Create a 3D Text or Object Effect without a 3D App!
Create the super popular pseudo 3D looking text or object effect with additional gradients added to the finishing touches!

Action Blur – Give static photos a sense of motion
A simple but very effective way to add some dynamic motion or action to an otherwise fairly static and boring image. The famous Radial Blur Effect in Photopaint!

Advanced Multicolored Glass text in Photopaint!
Learn how to make this beautiful multicolored glass text effect that comes complete with high contract colors, glossy shine and reflection effects.

Blended Text – Create Text that Blends into your Sig’s Background in Photopaint
Learn how to create the extremely popular method of blending text into a background image like you see in stylish abstract and grunge sigs and wallpapers.

Brushed Steel Interface with Glass Button in Photopaint v12
Learn how to create a basic brushed steel effect, then add a shiny glass interface button with a 3D inset effect! Everybody loves a pretty metal interface!

Color Transparency Tool – Delete specific colors in a single click!
Learn how to use the Color Transparency Tool to easily remove single color ranges in photos and images.

Create 3D Style Text with a Wireframe Effect in Corel Photopaint
This is an advanced version of my original 3D text tutorial where you learn to increase the tech look with an added 3D wire-frame effect.

Create Amazing Grunge Textured Wallpaper Artwork with GoMedia Vector Packs!
Learn how to use pre-made GoMedia graphic packs and object styles for easy killer wallpapers!

Create realistic masking tape and tape up images to your website or blog
How I make the masking tape effects I use to tape photos and screenshots to the screen.

Creating Cracked Text, Faces, Orbs and other objects in Corel Photopaint
How to apply cracks and other textures to text, objects, photos and more in Photopaint!

Glass or Shiny Plastic Interface Orb in Photopaint
Here is how I make my Glass or Shiny Plastic interface orbs in Photopaint that have been all the range for last couple of years!

How to Create Professional Product Shots with a Light Tent and Digital Editing Part 2 – Digital Editing
Bring your photo’s colors to life and add a professional feel to your photos in a few easy steps!

Importing Brushes – How to import Photoshop ABR brushes in to Corel Photopaint!
Learn how you can import Adobe Photoshop .ABR brush packs into Corel Photopaint and CorelDraw and use them as nibs on your brushes!

How to Load and Install Corel Photopaint NIB Brush Packs!
Learn how to install NIB packs in to Corel Photopaint and learn about why working with the Nibs management is so difficult!

Photo Timewarp – Converting a color photo to a scratchy black and white or sepia!
A fun little tutorial that shows you how to convert a regular color photograph in to a pretty convincing 1950s aged black and white photo that has seen a little time in the back of a wallet.

Pixelation and Mosaic Effect used on Pixel2life v1 banner in Photopaint
Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to create this tutorial to answer the many emails I’ve received on how to create the pixelated effect you used to see on the main banner that we used for P2L version 1

Realistic Frozen Ice Text Effect in Corel Photopaint v12
Learn how to create realistic frozen icy text with a few simple filter tricks! Text that actually looks like ice instead of bluish colored gel text!

Sheen Text Logo – Create a Text Based Logo with a Gradient Sheen Look, Shadows and a Reflection!
Create a professional quality text based logo and learn how to create various 3D elements with simple tricks!

Slicing and Coding a Content Box in Photopaint and Dreamweaver
Learn how to manually slice a content box using Photopaint and code it in Dreamweaver so that it expands with your content! Very simple and very fast!

Smoothing Skin, Enhancing Eye Color, Sketch Effect, Contrast and Color Isolation in Corel Photopaint!
Part 1 of my Photo Editing 101 for Corel Photopaint users looking how to create basic photo edits such as smoothing skin and other popular tricks of the trade!

Text Reflection – Advanced Text Reflections With A 3D Perspective and Effects in Photopaint!
Learn how to create advanced text and object reflections, spiced up with 3D perspective effects and distortions. Go beyond plain boring reflections!

Understanding the Fill Palette Options in Corel Photopaint – Solid, Gradient etc
A complete guide to using all of the Fill options when using shape and fill tools in Corel Photopaint!



Slicing and Coding a Content Box in Photopaint and Dreamweaver
Learn how to manually slice a content box using Photopaint and code it in Dreamweaver so that it expands with your content! Very simple and very fast!

 General Graphic Design

Learn how to use the right DPI for Printing or On-Screen Graphics – Making Sense of the DPI Equation
Have you ever wondered what DPI you are supposed to be using for creating website graphics and if you need to use something different for printing them? This tutorial explains what DPI is and how it relates to on-screen graphics versus printing.

General Website Management

DMCA Action – A General Guide to Taking Action Against Site Rippers using DMCA Law!
This article looks at how to deal with a company or individual that has stolen your website layout or online content by legally shutting them down.

How to get TRAFFIC on your NEW site
A realistic lesson on how to get visitor traffic boosted on your new or sluggish website by using basic techniques that were used to spread the word of

How to search for specific text within your website’s PHP files using SSH
A realistic lesson on how to get visitor traffic boosted on your new or sluggish website by using basic techniques that were used to spread the word of


Selling Your Site – Learn how to sell your website and not get ripped off!
A complete guide to selling your site effectively and protecting your ass from scam artists! Also learn your asking price and other handy tips.

How to Stop SPAM on Your WordPress Blog Using the Akismet Spam Plugin
Learn how to install the most effective comment Spam control plugin called Akismet on your own hosted blogs and to create your free API WordPress Key in order to activate it!

Video Tuts – Avoiding common errors and issues when creating video tutorials!
Time to take an honest look at the good, the bad and the ugly trends in video tutorials and learn how to avoid the pitfalls and common mistakes in video production!

Writing an Effective Tutorial That Gets Accepted to Pixel2life and Other Tutorial Portals
Not sure why your tutorials are constantly being turned down on or other tutorial search portals or just want to get tips on writing? This article takes you through an honest look at deciding if you’re qualified to write, and how to go about teaching through a tutorial rather than directing Lemmings to a goal.



How to Create Professional Product Shots with a Light Tent and Digital Editing Part 1 – Photography
Learn how your photos can go from disaster to pro by adding a simple device to your photography setup!

 Digital Photography Tutorial: Aperture Tricks and Tips for Close-Up Object Photography
Learn how aperture and ISO settings can affect your photographs and how to get blurry or crisp backgrounds in your shots.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Optimize Your Website – Myths and Tips for Website SEO
Let’s debunk some popular search engine ranking myths, learn about seven ways to get your website crawled and bonus pro tips for SEO!

The SEO Marketing Traps – There is no secret SEO recipe you don’t know about!The SEO Marketing Traps – There is no secret SEO recipe you don’t know about!
After a recent experience of mine with some SEO related service questions, I wanted to put together a few thoughts on SEO services, tactics and maybe put some of your minds at ease. Click here to read more…

Top 20 Contributing Factors For Google SEO
Check out this great list of the top 20 factors to consider when working on your Google SEO foundation as well as looking for final tweaks for more traffic!


Failed Updates – How to correct Windows updates that download but fail install Have you ever had a fresh install of Windows successfully download a series of updates from the Windows Update website, but then they all return a “failed” during the install? Here’s how to fix it!

How to enable the Classic Start Menu in Vista and Enable the Run Option!
This simple tutorial shows you how to change the new Start Menu format to the original Windows Classic Start Menu and how to add the Run option back to either Start menu versions.

How to get your HP Scanjet 5300c working in Windows Vista
HP says that they will not support 5300 ScanJet scanners in Vista. Nonsense! Here’s how to get your 5300 working in Vista!

How to Share a Local Printer on your Network with Other Computers with Vista
Learn how to share a locally connected USB or Parallel printer on your Vista PC with other Windows based machines on your network in minutes

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  1. I am attending a class at the Art Institute online and they are refering us to use some tutorials on yet it seems this link is broken or non-existent. Are the tutorials here the same as the ones once on pixel2life or is that site merely under maintenance?



  2. Hey Dan. I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on slicing a expandable layout using Adobe Photoshop istead of Corel? If you could it would be great. If you get one down it would be awesome. Email me if you can! Thanks 😀

  3. Hi Dan!

    I love your tutorials. I’ve tried almost all of your corel tutorials.
    They are easy to use and understand. Could I request for a tutorial?
    I couldn’t find a good tutorial for converting real photos into cartoons.

    Your help would be much appreciated.Thanks.

  4. Hello,

    I am impressed with your Akisment screenshots

    I have a slight issue with uploading Aksimet.php to
    my WordPress blog.

    I can’t seem to find the directory to upload the file
    to on my blog webpage.

    Could you please enlighten me on this?

    I am new to WordPress.


  5. So im looking for help. I need to creat a 3d image for a laser table. I have to use grayscale, and the laser head only is only 2 axsis. I have looked online, and a guy at sales pics that produce the desired 3d effect but he is not helpfull in learning how. I completely understand why he dosent want too. I am still interested in learning how. There is no schools in my area teaching anything on corel, and when i meet with the teachers, none of them had any idea how it was acomplished. I have read alot of your tutorials, and find them very helpfull so i thought maybe you could lend a hand. Thanks

  6. Hey Dan, stumbled upon your site from Google. Great tutorials, I especially liked the extensive explanation of DPI.

    I was just wondering why is it that you don’t use Photoshop? In my experience Corel seems to be inferior, but I never really used it much. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  7. Hi James,

    I’m simply used to Corel products… just as powerful as Adobe and a fraction of the price. There’s nothing I’ve seen done in Photoshop that I can’t do in Photopaint, but there are things I can do in Photopaint that can’t be done in Photopaint. Look how tedious it is just to make rounded corners lol!

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