P2L loses senior staff, including lead developer Jay. Here’s the scoop.

P2L loses senior staff, including lead developer Jay. Here’s the scoop.

Well this has been a rather crazy and somewhat messy weekend in the world of P2L. Unfortunately my prediction from months ago that Jay’s college project my-tuts.com would eventually overcome P2L in terms of his interest and priority has come true and Jay has left P2L along with several staff members that will be joining him on his project. One of our original admins, Jaymz, as well as Stu and Adam have all retired from P2L staff to work on my-tuts.com with Jay.

There’s some drama in between all that, but it’s really a moot point and not worth dwelling on, and I wish Jay and his staff the best of luck on his new project. We all have lives to lead and decisions to make in life, so I will assume Jay is doing what’s best for him. These guys were all fantastic people to have on the P2L team and they all made massive contributions to the site and I will always appreciate that. Too bad it had to end, and they will be missed… Jay has been one of my best friends for the last couple years.

So, with that said, this has somewhat put the hammertime release on the kibosh. Luckily, the community stepped forward when they saw Jay leave and several qualified PHP programmers have now jumped into the fray with me and we hope to recover from where Jay left off on hammertime and still release it with all the kick ass goodness we had originally planned, and maybe even some extra goodies! The project is still very much behind though… in fact, it doesn’t even have a working front end yet, so the new Dev folks have pretty much an entire project to complete at this point. If you’re wondering who these guys are, I will have the honor and pleasure to introduce the team when we release the project to the public. We’re going to aim for a July 1st release, but this is more of an internal target and by no means an official release date… in fact, this time-line won’t even be announced on the P2L, so consider that an inside scoop! Who knows… we may even pull a bunny out of our hat and get the thing launched even earlier.

The twodded section of P2L is also a mess, and obviously with Jay gone, the twodded staff are a bit scattered now. Jay said that twodded was more or less dead and that he would resurrect it with his new project, so we’ll see what happens. A few twodded staffers have already announced they will no longer be writing new tutorials, but they will still be on the forums to help answer questions and chat with the rest of the community, which is awesome. These guys are very talented… So, I’m slowly sorting out that situation as we move along and figure out what’s what on the site.

So that’s about it from my end… basically I am working very hard to get the new Dev folks up to speed on everything as best I can and looking forward to the hammertime release and our summer series of contests. Hopefully I can get back to writing tutorials and articles in the coming months.

Take care everyone and I’ll be posting more scoops soon!


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  1. It was sad to read the announcement that a few staff left and I thought what would happen to Twodded etc, will P2L have to develop a new staff tutorial section or something?


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