Looking for a professional level 3D artist for a personal project!

Looking for a professional level 3D artist for a personal project!

Hi gang,

I am looking to employ the services of anyone that would be able to produce a very high end final product in a 3D environment. Here is an example of the kind of product I will be expecting:

If that image doesn’t display, direct link HERE.

This is for a personal project that is dedicated to a friend of mine that died quite some time ago. He wrote an AMAZING series of stories based on battletech and it starred all his friends as main characters. He was never able to complete the series and died of complications during a asthma attack before age 20. I have one of the only proofs of his story (he and I were roomates) and I have long wanted to scan in all the pieces and basically publish his work in a formal book that I will send to our old friends and his father. His father has known for a long time that I was planning to do this, and I even have a foreword from him to publish the piece.

So, I want to find a high end artist to design the cover art, which I would like to feature a group of several mechs with the proper emblems and paint schemes set on a battle field with smoking barrels and the whole nine yards. We may even discuss some artwork for inside the book depending on your skills and rates.

If you would like to apply for this, I would need you to PM me or send an email to me at info at pixel2life dot com and provide links to your portfolio, delivery turn around times and rates. No beginner artists here please, I need someone who can do this project justice, it’s very dear to me.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Hey Dan,

    Although I don’t want to dissapoint as I don’t have any experience with Mech, or any of that type of stuff, if the person you choose needs help with texturing, environment, or compositing work, i’d love to help out.

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