Photo Freebies – Free Online Stuff for Photographers!

Photo Freebies – Free Online Stuff for Photographers!

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I was thumbing through some of my digital photography magazines and I found a great list of free resources for you online photographers. It’s not exactly free cameras, but hey, it’s better than a finger in the eye!

Photo Freebies

Free Professional Photo Lessons:

Head on over to and check out any of their dozens of totally free professional photography lessons in the Olympus America classroom! Once you’re done viewing those lessons, you can sign up on their e-mail listing to get automatic notices when they post new lessons.

A Free Camera?!

Remember when I said you don’t get a free camera? Well, I lied! Sort of… Surf on over to to learn how to make your very own Pinhole camera using 2 empty coffee cans and some film. If anyone tries this out, I expect you to email me some results!

Free Stock Photos:

Need some free stock photos for a project and need decent quality? Then you need to check out for more than 90,000 images that you can sample for private non-commercial use. If you end up using the full size image for online use, you simply have to provide a backlink to the site.

Run Your Own Gallery:

Sick of photo gallery sites because of bandwidth or drive space limitations, but love the thumbnail and slideshow capabilities along with an easy administration panel? No problem… if you have your own web hosting package, you can download and install the completely free Plogger Script to host your own powerful online photo gallery! Check it out at

Free Public Gallery Hosting:

Been living under a rock? Then you may not know of the net’s most popular spot to create and share your own personal photo gallery at

Free Historical Photos:

You can find over 1 million photos hiding at the Library of Congress and most of them can be downloaded in JPG format and some as HUGE high resolution uncompressed TIFF files. Now figuring out the usage rights and restrictions might be a bit tricky on these photos, so while using this in personal projects is probably OK, I wouldn’t use any of this in your commercial pieces.

Photo Editing for Beginners:

Are you a digital photographer but still a bit scared of Photoshop or simply can’t justify buying an expensive digital editing suite for simple photo tweaks? Well good news, because now you don’t have to! Check out Adobe’s Photoshop Album version 3 for a completely free download that allows you to quickly share photos, create slideshows and perform some basic photo editing without using Photoshop.

Enjoy the free stuff!


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