Forum and News Changes – Community Buzz and Articles Removed

Forum and News Changes – Community Buzz and Articles Removed

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you guys know that we've made some changes to the forum format on the site. The first thing I did was remove the Community Buzz forum and I have merged everything with the site news area. So now when we announce things like contests on other community sites, new places to check out etc… it will be done as part of the site news updates. It makes more sense to have general news posts about the site and the community all in the same area instead of scattered over various forums. There are also many other areas on the forums to get community related news and for you guys to post your announcements too.

The second thing we removed is the articles area, which was really supposed to be a forum where P2L staff would post their articles, which has been rendered null by the upcoming publishing system. We will continue to post handy articles that we find, but we will post them in the relevant help areas on the forums instead of in one giant dumping ground. All the old articles have been moved to the General Webdesign Help area seeing as most of the articles touched base on webmaster related content. You can also check staff sigs for links to their respective blogs where we post articles and content… in my case I post tech related items, articles and sneak peeks at upcoming P2L goodies.

So that's it for now… Now to go back to bugging NG about the Publishing System!


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