Pick Your Prize! What kind of prize would YOU like to win?

A Nintendo wii? Maybe a new video card or a sweet new PDA? Maybe an 21" LCD monitor or perhaps a portable DVD player? Here's your chance to tell us what kind of prize you'd love to win in future P2L contests! We've sold lots of ads on the P2L Ad System in the last couple of months so I think it's time to say thanks and offer up some sweet loot for you guys. So let's hear what you'd love to win from P2L!

Oh, and before you guys start shouting out "2007 Porsche Carrera in pink please!", keep the value at around $500 or less. I'd like to get at least a couple of items for our next contest, so don't go too nuts on me.

Suggest away!

3 thoughts on “Pick Your Prize! What kind of prize would YOU like to win?

  1. A nice tablet, a nice LCD screen, a nice computer mouse..
    I’d put any computer part to good use 😉

    Any idea what the future contest will be about?

  2. Definately a Wii, they’re hot stuff atm and still very hard to get. Still selling on ebay at absurd prices and very expensive in some countries.

    Not that I need one anyways already have one 😛

    Don’t forget to pop me down as a judge please 🙂

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