Publish a Tutorial on the P2L Publishing System and Score Ad Credits!

Remember when I told everyone that I'd have a little surprise for everyone that would like to advertise on P2L even if you don't have an advertising budget? Well I am very pleased to announce a sweet little upgrade to the P2L Ad System that I think you tutorial writers are going to love. Not only can you run your own Google ads on your published tutorials, but when you create an approved tutorial in the publishing system, you will be automatically awarded 50 click credits that you can use on our Ad System!

So here's the rundown on how this works:

  1. Use the P2L Publishing System to create and publish a tutorial
  2. The tutorial is reviewed as usual for acceptance to the main P2L Index
  3. If your tutorial is approved, your account is credited with 50 Click Credits
  4. You can now use your credits to create any PPC/CPM Ads on the site!

It's that simple!

If you have any questions about this new feature or about the P2L Publishing System or P2L Ad System, please drop me a line via PM or contact us.


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