How to fix Corel “Verify that MSXML4 is installed” Error after removing Norton Antivirus

How to fix Corel “Verify that MSXML4 is installed” Error after removing Norton Antivirus

Just had a rather close scare with my CorelDraw 12 setup that had me poopin kittens. Thought I’d have to go to my computer repairs place, and its a Friday evening, so they’ll only be open by Monday – but either way, false alarm. Basically I removed Norton Antivirus 2007 because it’s a slow hunk of chunk that causes a BSD every time I try to run Liveupdate and Symantec Tech support can’t figure out why. After I uninstall and get AVG running, I start up Photopaint to do some work and POW I get hit with this:

Unable to create a DOM document, Class not registered, Verify that MSXML4 is installed

I scrambled all over Google and found tons of people with the same problems but no working solution. Finally, I ended up finding something that works:

1. Download and install msxml4.msi
2. Click on Start > Run
3. Enter: regsvr32 /u msxml4.dll (this command line de-registers MSXML4.DLL)
4. Now enter: regsvr32 msxml4.dll (DLL is re-registered)

You should now be able to run CorelDRAW! Disaster averted!

By the way, I see this is an issue with more than just CorelDraw 12… I saw X3 folks with the same issue and this fix should work for those guys too.


54 thoughts on “How to fix Corel “Verify that MSXML4 is installed” Error after removing Norton Antivirus

  1. You are a genius! I was a little skeptical to try this because of all of the junk out here but it worked! Make it a great day! Ter

    1. I love you dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re a life saver!!!!!!!!!! you just saved my exams and projects! it worked thanks a lot for helping some as dumb as me in handling apps! really you’re awesome

  2. Thanks for your help. This worked like a charm. Just another reason why I will never own another Symantec/Norton Product.

  3. Bloody nortons… nice work! Wished I’d searched first..
    Wasted all that time reinstalling MSXML, reinstalling Corel and still had the problem.

  4. I also encountered problems with Norton anti-virus software so uninstalled all their applications (after a great deal of difficulty using Norton’s own removal tool) this led to the “verify that msxml4 is installed” message when opening Coreldraw x3 Thankfully your solution worked perfectly and it only took a few minutes to rectify the problem.
    Thanks very much for the splendid info.

  5. This will not work with Windows Vista as it will not allow you to re-register msxml4.dll after unregistering it.

    The correct procedure is to go to:

    and download msxml.msi (that
    ‘s correct, there’s no “4” at the end), which is the first of the downloads shown (5.0 megabytes). Run the program and the problem will be fixed.

    There are many reasons for the problem:

    1- Uninstaller for Norton AntiVirus

    2- Uninstaller for McAfee Antivirus

    3- There are many key-generators that purport to generate cracked keys. What they do crack is your MSXML installation, so if you’re smart you’ll steer clear of these programs.

  6. John – I did this in Vista for this tutorial and to resolve my problem, and it worked fine. Not sure who told you that you can’t re-register the .dll but it’s false, it works fine.


  7. I too have this problem, and this just getting my computer out of the shop. My Corel X3 worked just fine in the previous installation of WinXP Pro along with Norton stuff. Now it does not. Can’t even open it. My question is where do I get this download of this particular file? I tried clicking on your link above and what I got was a file with the extension “part.” I saw downloads at the MS site yesterday, but none was named exactly that. The closest one was msxml.msi. Is that the right one? If not, where do I get the right one that has the 4 in it? Thanks in advance!


  8. This is bizarre. I was wrong. That link was right. Somehow that file that looked to have the extension “part” and would not install, turned into a file with the right extension and I just installed it.

    Than I did those other things you advised in Run. I clicked on my program and it WORKED! I can’t believe this! Whoever said you’re a genius was right on. No, you’re a wizard besides being an amazing human being.

    Do you realize how many miserable hours and trips to the shop you have saved people? Not to mention the $$$ these tech people charge for messing up your system? Mine went in for a bunch of upgrades so I could get more graphic programs and a tablet. It came back unable to run my programs and I spent over $900 for that.

    I am in your debt for life. Now at last, I can live a normal life and do my work for my clients. I was sick this week, but I can work while sick. I cannot work without my programs. You have saved my life!

    What a guy! Dan, If ever I can do anything for you, just name it.

  9. Awesome Nancy, I’m glad you were another fellow Corel user that avoided going completely insane with this darn issue 🙂 And thanks for the kind words, it’s truly appreciated 🙂

  10. Hallo Dan! Some days ago I also uninstalled Norten and Corel didn’t work any more. The message was identical, but in german. Thank you so much for your solution.


  11. No problem guys, glad this is help everyone 🙂 Norton is just horrible when you uninstall it, you never know what’s going to explode!

  12. Finally, a solution… It worked yepyyyy.
    I used the solution provided by John Adams on Vista.

    Thanks, thanks and thaaaanks hehehee

  13. thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!! I was so frustrated…it now works properly…I was just about to break my laptop in half…lol

  14. Thanks so much, Norton 360 killed my laptop a D620 T74oo – 3gb ram, vista biz… X3 running smooth though CS3 still wacked… Thanks Norton! no really Thank You Dan

  15. Thanks for posting this fix! Norton 360 has screwed up two progams already — QuickBooks 2006 and CorelDraw 12. I now have both up again.

  16. Hi Dan, u r simply GREAT. It was exactly the same problem that I have just uninstalled Norton 360 Ver. 1.0 and install 2.0 after that the CorelDraw was not opening and it was giving me the above error.
    Dan one more thing which Anti-Virus should I use to avoid these problems as well as be secured against any viruses and spyware. Pls. suggest.
    Thanks a lot again.

  17. Thanks again guys, happy to help. I stopped using Norton a long time ago and I now use free virus tools. Both AVG and Avast are great products and you can download and use them totally free at 🙂


  18. I installed quickbooks on windows vista laptop, everything seemed fine until I registered quickbooks a few days later. Then it just went nuts. Could’nt uninstall or reinstall quickbooks. It kept comming up with error saying problem accessing register files.Called quickbooks Philipeans division and after an hour or 2 they said the MSXML4 was screwed up.I found 3 different MSXML4 thingies. Any suggestions. Please help.

  19. hey, i did all that and an still getting the error note, how can i fix it, i have windows vista, i tryed to install corel x3

  20. Hi Dan,

    I have tried the download and unregistering and then re-registering and my Corel X3 still comes up with the same MSXML4 error. Do you have any other suggestions. I’m working with Vista.


  21. my corel x4 in vista was working properly, but my cousin wants to work in corel 12- caz they r teaching the same version in school… thanks to u, he can work in tht version now. 🙂

  22. Dan (I’m sure you already know this), you are the man! This worked perfectly and totally save my arse. Thanks a mil!

  23. I’ve install corel draw x5. And when I try to open either Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 or CorelDRAW X5 I get this message

    “Unable to create a DOM document.
    Class not registered
    Verify that MSXML6 is intalled.”

    and when i press “ok” it shows that msg: “Failed to load the AppBoxID.xml

    I’ve tried yout way but it didnt work

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