Go Media releases their AWESOME Vector Pack 6!

Go Media releases their AWESOME Vector Pack 6!

I am very pleased to announce that Go Media has launched a new Vector Pack to go with their ongoing line of absolutely STUNNING vector graphic packs that are the absolute best in the business. Included in the set are Heraldry, Destroy, Scribbles, Skylines, Anatomy, Linework, and Radials, and if you've never seen these packs before, you are missing out on some absolutely brilliant product. Check out the entire product line at www.gomedia.us/arsenal!

For those of you wondering who these guys are, Go Media is a group of ridiculously talented guys headed up by my friend Jeff Finley. They are a progressive art studio based out of the USA that work in print and web based mediums and feature some of the most stunning artwork I have ever seen. I am absolutely in love with their art style and I'm already looking at hiring them for a custom design piece in the near future. If you're in to designing those wicked cool vector wallpapers you see on DA or want to print up a bad-ass T-Shirt design, check out their Vector Packs, you won't regret it.


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