P2L Hits 30,000 Members

P2L Hits 30,000 Members

Oh yeah baby! It seems that the P2L has hit 30k members within the past day or so. Even better, we are just shy of 235,000 posts.

Thanks again to all the hard working staff members, volunteers, affiliates and members that contribute to this site day after day. Looking forward to bringing you all more improvements in 2008 with more surprises and goodies!

Thanks again everyone!

One thought on “P2L Hits 30,000 Members

  1. Glad to see P2L growing so good, congrats! It’s my favourite tutorials resource (both for submitting mine and searching for something I need), you (and the rest of the staff) do a fantastic job with it, I am sure you will hit 40k before you know it! Good luck 🙂

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