We're Hiring! P2L is looking for a graphic artist and video editor!

We're Hiring! P2L is looking for a graphic artist and video editor!

Hi everyone,

Position 1 – Graphic Artist/Illustrator:

I am actively looking for an advanced graphic artist to work with P2L on some new creatives and web-related illustrations for an upcoming project. Please note we need someone who is capable of creating ORIGINAL illustrations and graphics based on feedback from the production team (me). You will need to work with specific direction and color requirements and you should be organized and respect deadlines. I also expect extreme discretion like you would in any organization and respect that we do not want your work shown to any unauthorized parties until your work is authorized to be public. This includes your own portfolio, close friends, alien invaders, etc… You will definitely be able to show your work, but not during the development phases of projects you are involved in.

In terms of workload, this will be a pre-project arrangement and not a full-time or part-time position with set hours. Basically you will be assigned a project and we will establish the timeline for delivery. The person hired will be considered part of our regular staff and will have full rights to include work done in their resume, portfolio etc. We will need this person to start immediately and you will have a fairly decent workload initially.

PLEASE NOTE that I need someone who can design illustrations from scratch. I am not looking for someone who can photoshop pictures or design pieces based on "abstract" work such as making wallpapers using various brushes and effects etc… These skills will be needed as well and considered an asset, but you need to know how to design detailed 3D icons and objects, vector style designs etc.

If you are interested in this position, please email me at info at pixel2life dot com or send me a PM and be sure to send me a link to your portfolio (Anyone without a portfolio with relevant design material will not be considered – sorry) and rates.

Position 2 – Video Editor:

I am also looking for an individual that provide us with video editing services for upcoming video productions we have planned. This person should be able to take raw video media from staff and compile them in to a seamless video production including minor effects, music and sound and timeline effects and general editing. We're not looking for a CGI guru or anything, just someone who knows their way around After-Effects or other video editor enough to perform general editing functions.

This person would also become part of our regular staff and we would be looking to start using their services sometime in April. This is a fairly basic position in terms of workload and required skills as far as video editing, so beginner level folks and students that would like to make a learning experience from this are welcome to apply.

This is not a high-paying position and we will need to work out some kind of compensation for this work, so please contact me at info at pixel2life dot com or PM me if you would like to apply. Be sure to include your rates and a portfolio link.

Other Notes:

Please be sure to read the requirements above carefully and do not apply if you don't meet them. Also be sure you have the time available to work on these projects… do not waste my time by applying when there's no way you will be able to respect an acceptable timeline. You will need to be a person who is available and accessible (MSN, AIM, Skype or Yahoo Messenger required), mature and organized. You will be working on projects with MASSIVE impact to P2L and the community, so it is important to realize that there will be a genuine workload and that you will be expected to produce the expected results and respecting the agreed timelines is critical. (Right Nick? LOL!)

So that's it guys! PM me or email me if you have any questions or wish to apply, and I look forward to working with 2 new staff members in the near future.


PS. If you think you have the availability and skills to complete BOTH of these positions yourself, feel free to apply for both.

PPS. This is open to current P2L staff as well!

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