V5 is delayed, so we'll just give out prizes instead!

V5 is delayed, so we'll just give out prizes instead!

Hey guys… well it's become apparent that any and all expected release dates have been blown to hell and we're still months away from release as far as I can tell. It sucks because the new stuff is just too cool for words, but people are busy with school and other projects so going has been very slow. Nick is doing what he can and it's looking great, but we definitely need more time.

So while we continue to work on v5, I thought maybe we could have some contests and give out some prizes I had planned to give out with the v5 release. I can worry about new v5 prizes later, for now I'd like to have some fun. So this week I'm going to come up with a little fun contest we can all participate in… I want you to post a picture in this thread of you wearing your halloween costume OR of your halloween pumpkin carving! It's that easy… After Halloween I will randomely select 1 winner and they get a cool little iPod Shuffle decked out in P2L green!

So post your photos and good luck everyone!

For those of you reading this on my Blog, you can find the contest thread HERE!


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