P2L – Credit Lottery officially launched on P2L

P2L – Credit Lottery officially launched on P2L

Hey all!  Adam was able to polish off the P2L Credit lottery feature on the site and it's officially live as of this week (or last week if you caught the early announcement on Twitter).

Here's the announcement:

Do I feel lucky? Well? Do ya punk? If you do, then you'll be pleased to know you can get the betting urges out of your system by bidding precious credits in the P2L credit lottery, reset weekly for your gambling pleasure. In case you have no idea what the heck P2L Credits are and you've been completely ignoring my posts for the last year or so, P2L Credits are earned by members that perform specific actions within the community, such as submitting tutorials, writing tutorials in our publishing area, commenting, voting and much more. Members can then cash in credits for prizes, advertising or other extra contests we hold on the site.

To add a little excitement to the P2L Credit format, you can now bet credits on a weekly credit lottery, with the total pot going to a single winner, randomly selected every Monday at 12AM. Once the lottery is over and the credits have been awarded to a lucky contestant, the pot is reset and a new name is drawn the following week.

Aaaaand to make things a little more exciting, admins can't win BUT we can bet credits to build up the pots a bit. So you might want to keep your eye on the pot total because you never know when a huge chunk of credits will be thrown in there by an admin (me).

So, how do you get the ball rolling on your new-found gambling addiction? Head over to P2L Credit Corner at http://www.pixel2life.com/credits/ and you'll see the Credit Lottery box just under the Credit Corner menu on the left side of the site. Click on the "Bid Now" button to bid some credits and get in on the action!

Enjoy and good luck to anyone that participates!

ps. A HUGE shoutout to our P2L developper Adam who was able to complete this module for us. Stay tuned, I think Adam will have more goodies for us in the none-too-distant future!

So good luck guys and enjoy!  More coming soon, including the Marketplace if Nick decides to finish it off! lol!

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