Please help me win the “Ugliest Bathroom in Quebec” contest – I need your votes!

Please help me win the “Ugliest Bathroom in Quebec” contest – I need your votes!

Hey all… ok so this isn’t exactly a tutorial, an article, or really anything but a blantant call for roughly 2 minutes of you rinternet viewing time.  My hideos, disgusting blue bathroom from hell that I am DYING to renovate has been entered in an “Ugliest Bathroom in Quebec” contest with Bain Depot.  The winner of this contest wins a $5000 gift card from the store to buy whatever you need for your bathroom.  Look at this 1981 horror show:

Please vote for my bathroom!

Blue walls, blue floor, blue ceiling, blue floral decor, blue toilet, blue sink (that I had to change out because it was completely rusted through), blue counter and even a blue toilet dispenser!  It also had a blue towel rack that I ripped off and a DISGUSTING blue toilet seat lid.  Not only that, the bath area is surrounded with this shower liner that is loosly glued to the wall and when you pull it away from the window, you get a great look at all the mold and get a facefull of the stench that seems to be a mix of week old dead skunk and something that I am sure is on par with shoving your face up a whale’s arse.

Please vote!

PLEASE VOTE HERE!  Just click here, and scroll to the orange vote button right under the photo of my bathroom and you’re done… you don’t have to enter your email or anything.  ALSO PLEASE SHARE!  Please share this post or the contest link or whatever on Twitter, Facebook, whatever you got!  All your friends or family members that spam 5 year old jokes?  Send them this!  And please vote as often as you can… you can vote once per day per IP so please vote!  I have to keep this going until the end of January!

Need more reason to help me wipe the bathroom from the face of the planet?  Behold!  Check out the drywall rotting away and the ceramic tiles literally falling off the walls…  I dare you to put your hands in there.  Reminds me of that scene in Indaiana Jones and Temple of Doom where the girl has to shove her hand in the hole full of bugs and nastiness to save Indy and Shortround.

Please vote!

So again, please vote and share this link like your life depended on it:

Thank you for humoring me!  Make sure you follow me on twitter for more pics of the famous bathroom and the fun I will have tearing it down.


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